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If you do not know what to expect from bankruptcy, that is OK. It is easy to be stressed when you are not sure what you are getting into.

At The Law Offices of Brian Schellenberg, we will explain the process and how it will impact you, your family or your business. You may walk into our office stressed, but we want you to leave feeling better, equipped with a deeper understanding of the bankruptcy process and how it can help you.

Call today to arrange a consultation with our lawyer. Our law firm serves clients throughout central Indiana, including the Indianapolis area.

Which Type Of Bankruptcy Is Best For You?

There are many types of bankruptcy, and our first job is to find a plan that works for you. Whether you are interested in foreclosure prevention and stopping a sheriff's sale or you want to put an end to creditor harassment and wage garnishment, we can help you explore your options:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — Chapter 7 involves the sale of property that is not exempt from bankruptcy proceedings. The proceeds of the sale are distributed to creditors, but the remaining debt is discharged.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 requires you to work out a payment plan. Generally this doesn't mean having to pay back all of your debt. Instead, it involves a series of payments to the bankruptcy court for three to five years based on your disposable income.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy — Chapter 11 generally involves debt relief through reorganization for corporations, partnerships and other businesses. In some cases, individuals may use this form of bankruptcy as well.

Once you have selected the right plan and filed for bankruptcy, our attorneys will help you deal with the related tax issues as you prepare for life after bankruptcy.

Tell Us How You Got Here — And We'll Help You Find A Way Forward

People usually find themselves struggling with debt for one of four reasons:

  • A lost job or decreased earnings for one or more people in the household
  • A death in the family, impacting the household income
  • Running into an inescapable situation with tax debt
  • Not having health insurance to cover health care costs

Almost all debt problems stem from these issues, even credit card debt. People do not want to misuse their credit cards or turn to bankruptcy as a crutch, but they also have to feed their families and provide basic health care services.

If you are considering bankruptcy, you probably have a lot of questions. You want to know how it will affect your credit and your job. You want to know if you will ever be able to buy a house again. We will answer these questions and provide you with information you may not know. For example, did you know that only one person in a marriage has to file for bankruptcy? You may have more options than you realize.

Don't fall prey to unscrupulous offers from debt settlement companies. Instead, get the answers you seek from reputable attorneys who are ethically committed to acting in your best interests.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Our attorneys are ready to answer your questions so you can get the debt relief you deserve. With offices in Noblesville and Greenwood, we help clients across central Indiana. Call 317-773-4300 in Noblesville or 317-884-5080 in Greenwood, or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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