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How To Stop A Sheriff's Sale Of Your Indiana Home

If you received a foreclosure notice regarding your home, you may have thought you had time to come up with a solution. But if a sheriff's sale is scheduled, you want to take quick action to save your home and stop foreclosure. At The Law Offices of Brian Schellenberg, we can help you stop a sheriff's sale and keep your home. Whatever part of the process you are involved in, we can answer your questions and help you find solutions.

We encourage you to give us a call today to arrange for a free consultation about your specific situation. From offices in Noblesville and Greenwood, we serve clients in the Indianapolis area and throughout central Indiana.

Is It Possible To Save Your House From Foreclose?

You can stop a sheriff's sale. If the sale has already been scheduled, however, you want to talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible so you do everything possible to stop the sale and save your home.

Mortgage companies usually begin the foreclosure process when you have been 90 to 120 days late with your payments. At this point, they file a lawsuit, which is followed quickly by a judgment. The last step in the process is the sheriff's sale. Generally, six months pass between the time the lawsuit is filed and the time of the sheriff's sale.

The threat of foreclosure is daunting, and many people ignore the mail and calls for a while to buy time. Unfortunately, these cases move quickly, and the longer you avoid the threat of foreclosure, the more serious it becomes. We understand that you are overwhelmed, but we can step in at any point in the process, take action and help you keep your home.

In addition to stopping foreclosure and a sheriff's sale, bankruptcy can provide you with immediate relief in other ways:

  • Creditor harassment prevention
  • Wage garnishment prevention

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When you file for bankruptcy, you can stop the sheriff's sale of your home and put an end to foreclosure. Whether you have questions about the process or you want to take immediate action, we can help. With offices in Greenwood and Noblesville, we help clients across Indiana. Call 317-773-4300 or 317-884-5080, or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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