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How To Prevent Wage Garnishment With Bankruptcy

You have bills to pay, and you have to provide yourself and your family with basic necessities. When creditors turn to wage garnishment to collect a debt, they do not give you a chance to get back on your feet. At The Law Offices of Brian Schellenberg, with offices in Noblesville and Greenwood, we can help you stop wage garnishment and take back control of your financial future. If you are looking to stop wage garnishment and get long-term debt relief, we can help.

Are Creditors Going After Your Paycheck?

Wage garnishment comes at the end of the collection process. Your creditors will first file a lawsuit. Next, they will obtain a judgment, which allows them to garnish your wages. This process takes several months, but the longer you wait, the closer your creditors can come to access your accounts.

Creditors can take up to 25 percent of your wages above minimum wage, which makes it hard to buy groceries, pay your bills and otherwise provide for your family. The sooner you contact our lawyers, the sooner we can take action to stop wage garnishment.

By filing for bankruptcy, you will receive an automatic stay, which results in a court order to stop all garnishments, lawsuits and other judgments. It will also prevent creditors from seizing your property and other collections actions. You get the same protection when you file for bankruptcy, no matter what type you file for.

Filing for bankruptcy can also stop creditor harassment and prevent foreclosure or a sheriff's sale of your home.

Don't Wait To Contact A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Do not wait to get the debt relief you want and the fresh start you deserve. With offices in Noblesville and Greenwood, we help clients across central Indiana get the protection they deserve. Call 317-773-4300 or 317-884-5080, or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.

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